All Black Selector Grant Fox weighs in on the Pro-Player Combine

“I’m excited by what you’re doing here. I think it’s got real merit.”

When asked for his thoughts on IRANZ’ newest programme for ambitious rugby players, Grant Fox spoke highly of the Combine concept.

IRANZ Managing Director Murray Mexted caught up with ‘Foxy’ briefly following his time on the programme:

All Black Selector Grant Fox catches up with IRANZ Managing Director Murray Mexted following his time on the IRANZ Pro-Player Combine.

As a former All Black 10 and goal-kicking genius, Foxy was one of the Staff Coaches player participants had access to at IRANZ on the first-ever Pro-Player Combine, held from 29 November – 1 December.

Foxy coached and assessed each of the five-eighth participants on the Combine, specifically on their kicking and role as a 10.

While the Combine’s three-day programme focuses primarily on assessment of participants, Foxy appreciated there was still space on the Course for coaching – and paid recognition to the level of expertise players have access to at IRANZ.

“…there’s been a lot of players pass through here that have gone on to higher honours.”

“All Blacks, Provincial players, Super Rugby players, International rugby players from other countries… there’s been a lot of them. So, a huge amount of success.”

IRANZ have had dozens of Player and Coach Graduates push on and attain International status, which includes 19 All Blacks – 12 of which were a part of the 2017 All Black Squad.

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