The Keys to Success

Attitude and a solid foundation are the keys to success.

The two key requirements for an ambitious player to be successful are a good attitude and a solid foundation. Kurt Ekland is a great example of this.

Craig Dowd was his positional coach at IRANZ eight years ago, when Kurt was just a teenager and he wrote the following about Kurt:

 “You have a big future ahead of you. I am here if you need advice and I will watch with interest.”

Scott (Razor) Robertson was the IRANZ team coach and he wrote: 

“…with his support network and attitude Kurt has an excellent chance to achieve his dreams.”

For 20 years now, I have had great pleasure watching IRANZ graduates succeed and without a doubt there are similarities in the ones that do. About a third you know will go on, another third definitely won’t and the final third are in the maybe category.

My message to any young rugby player would be this:

“You can become a professional rugby player if you are prepared to commit yourself and invest in laying a solid foundation, technically, mentally & strategically. If you don’t, you won’t make it.