Los Pumas Pride

The Pumas have made a mockery of the Springbok withdrawal from the Rugby Championship. 

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Alex Loney shares his time on IRANZ Live


Alex Loney joined 14 other aspiring coaches from around the world to attend the first IRANZ Live programme held online. Over 9 days Alex the Head of Rugby at Lancaster Royal Grammar School in the UK had access to learn and engage with a wide range of truely world coaches, including the likes of Wayne Smith, Eddie Jones, Mike Cron and Colin Cooper. Below Alex shares his experience of IRANZ Live.

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Super Rugby Aotearoa – the next level of rugby

At long last NZ Rugby has the opportunity to showcase our game under our terms. 

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Performance and Longevity

IRANZ Position-Specific No. 8 Specialist Murray Mexted

Rugby players, coaches and businesses have one thing in common. They must review and change in order to survive.

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Halfbacks Can Be Big Fellas Too – Dave Ellis IRANZ’s Skills Coach

With rugby players worldwide at all levels confined to their homes thanks to COVID-19 lockdown, we need to take a look at things we can do to enhance our skills on our return to the game.

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IRAA Scholarship Recipient Gage Phillips Shines At IRANZ

Gage Phillips attend the inaugural IRAA Courses in January held at Olympic Park, Sydney. After an outstanding week, Gage impressed the Staff Coaches with his raw skill and exceptional attitude. At the end of the course, Gage received the Mortimer & Baffsky Scholarship for excellence, earning the opportunity to attend the IRANZ High-Performance Players Course.

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What are Coaches and Selectors really looking for

IRANZ High Performance Course

The selection process for any player is never easy. From under-11 to the All Blacks, unknown factors always make players question if they are doing the right actions. This selection process only gets harder when the communication between selectors and players are limited, making the player question what they are even looking for in the first place.

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Ma’a joins IRANZ’s star studded coaching line up for November

Many young players dream of learning from All Blacks who reached the very top of the rugby world. At IRANZ this dream is a reality, and this November IRANZ is excited to announce a star-studded lineup of coaches.

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