Brian Ashton labels IRANZ as “gold for young players”

When asked for his thoughts on IRANZ Player Courses, former International Head Coach Brian Ashton labelled the programme as “gold for young players.”

Brian Ashton’s professional coaching career now spans close to 40 years, which includes head coach roles of both the England and Ireland national teams.

Joining us at IRANZ earlier this year, Ashton was the facilitator of our High Performance Coaches Course, and also featured prominently on our High Performance Players Course.

During his time on the Courses, Ashton caught up with Warren from The Rugby Site to discuss his career to date, and the opportunities provided by IRANZ for ambitious rugby players and coaches.

Ashton spoke glowingly of the opportunity that IRANZ provides.

“You get All Black legends coming in here and doing 1-on-1’s with players, doing positional skills etc…”

“I’ve never been anywhere else in the world where that happens.”

Brian also made special mention of another aspect of IRANZ Courses, which can often have the most profound impact on the young individuals that Graduate from IRANZ.

“It’s about behaviours, and how to approach life… honesty, integrity, passion and determination, dealing with failure – “

“It’s stuff like that, it’s just like gold for young players.”

While Ashton discussed IRANZ Player Courses prominently in the interview, it was on the High Performance Coaches Course that he spent two-weeks developing a small group of rugby coaches.

Coach participants had the opportunity to learn extensively from Brian in close proximity, often in 1:1 scenarios.

IRANZ Staff Coach Brian Ashton

Following the Course, Ashton returned home to the UK where he currently works as a Coach Educator in the English Premier League (Football).

We don’t expect it will be long before he returns to IRANZ again.

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