To be the best, you have to learn from the best

Growing your ability as a rugby coach isn’t easy.

That’s why IRANZ Coaching Courses are designed to provide any ambitious rugby coach the most direct route towards their potential.

IRANZ (the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand) has provided world-class development opportunities to the rugby globe now for more than 18 years.

In this time, we have fine-tuned a series of Coaching Courses which assist rugby coaches develop all the essential knowledge and skills required to grow and develop their players, and team performance.

Our objective is to provide all ambitious rugby players & coaches the opportunity to reach their potential in the game.

IRANZ firmly believes “to be the best, you have to learn from the best” – which is precisely why we provide opportunities to learn in close-quarters from the very best rugby coaches in the world.

Coaches that have featured on recent IRANZ Coaching Courses include:

All Black Coach Mike Cron featured on a recent IRANZ Coaching Course.

Imagine learning 1-on-1 from these very coaches…

What could you achieve if you had even one day to learn from coaches of this calibre?

This is the premise of all IRANZ Coaching Courses.

By placing ambitious rugby coaches in close-quarters with some of the greatest rugby-minds in the world – IRANZ provides a truly unique opportunity to learn first-hand, the very ‘blueprint’ that professional coaches use in the game today.

Here is what you receive on any IRANZ Coaching Course:

  • The ‘blueprint’ that professional rugby coaches use to create a winning culture and environment
  • The chance to learn the roles & responsibilities of every position on the field intricately, from one of our Positional Experts (most often a former All Black)
  • A step-by-step template for developing your own philosophy as a rugby coach
  • A guide on how to plan a season campaign, from start to finish
  • A crash-course in all the latest drills and exercises used to develop a strong base of core skills among players, including catch & pass, tackle, clean etc., and
  • The opportunity to learn 1-on-1 with a panel of former All Blacks and professional coaches.

Joining other coaches from similar environments from different areas of the rugby globe, IRANZ Coaching Course participants also benefit from the sharing and networking that occurs among the various participants attending from around the world.

Combined with the other tools, strategies and methods learned over the full duration of a programme, there is nothing quite like The IRANZ Experience.

Are you ready for The IRANZ Experience?

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Here’s what one of our recent Coach Graduates had to say about his time with us at IRANZ:

Ernst Koen travelled from South Africa to attend the High Performance Coaches Course at IRANZ.

What separates IRANZ programmes from the rest is the ease of which you can apply the learnings for an immediate impact in your own coaching environment.

Have you ever attended a Coaching Course, and come out the other end wondering if you’re actually any better-off to make a positive impact and influence on your player’s development, and your team’s performance?

This is what separates the IRANZ Experience from the competition.

IRANZ Coaching Courses include modules such as:

  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Vision and Decision-making
  • Mental skills
  • The team review process
  • Contact and the breakdown
  • Communication
  • Planning a Season Campaign
  • Counter attack and turnover ball
  • Planning a weekly schedule
  • Positional ‘Masterclasses’ e.g. Role of the Loose Forward, Role of the Prop, and more.

All IRANZ Coaching Courses are full-immersion, meaning you live on-site at the Course facility, eating and breathing rugby with other participants and our team of IRANZ Staff Coaches for the duration of the Course.

So what are you waiting for…

IRANZ Coach participants

Ready to Accelerate Your Rugby Coaching Career?