Trust Fund Application Information for New Zealanders

For schools and clubs in New Zealand, financial support for players & coaches to attend IRANZ Courses is available through various local Community Trusts.

Graduates of IRANZ programmes return to their local environment not only with valuable rugby knowledge, but with strong values, personal management and leadership skills.

This means many Community Trusts are often willing to support coaches and players to attend IRANZ Courses, by providing schools and clubs funding to go towards Course Fees.

Many of these Community Trusts hold ‘personal development’ in a seperate category to the common needs of schools and clubs, such as facility upgrades or equipment.

This means schools and clubs can be assured that any application made for personal development purposes will not compromise what are normally vital Trust Fund spending requirements.

Applications can be made by any school or club in New Zealand, and will generally take 6-8 weeks to process.

Trust Funds around New Zealand that we often receive support from include:

There will be specific Trusts that are prominent in your area, and may have more opportunity to provide you support. Each of these Trusts should have more information available via their website.

IRANZ Staff can provide guidance around suitable avenues that may exist in your area, the process of making an application, and a Quote & Resolution Letter template for your application.

Complete the form below to confirm your Quote requirements and receive a Quote and Resolution Letter Template for a funding application: