IRANZ 2021 Course Calendar

Please find all IRANZ Coaches and Players Course which are running throughout 2020 and early 2021

Players Course

IRANZ Foundation Course
(12-14 years old)
(15-18 years old)
(18 years and over)

25th – 29th of January

Advanced Players’ Course
(16-18 year-olds)

Intermediate Players’ Course
(13-15 year-olds)

Junior Players’ Course (11-13 year-olds)

Women’s Player Course
(16 years and over)

Coaches Courses

High Performance Coaches’ Course

Advanced Coaches’ Course

Practical Coaches’ Course

Emerging Coaches’ Course

Online Coaching Courses

(9-day programme)
22nd of March – 1st of April

IRANZ Live – Masterclass
(5-day Programme)

Set Piece Attack
15-19th of February

Open Play Attack
22-26th of February

Set Piece Forward Play
8-12th of March

Kicking and Skills Development
5-9th of April

A Day at IRANZ

For any enquiries on any courses above please fill in the basic contact form below and an IRANZ staff member will be in contact within two working days