IRANZ Insight: Foster vs Robertson

The two contenders for the top job, Fossie and Razor both visited IRANZ frequently and spent many hours over many years honing their art. Fossie has more time in the saddle and has been at the leading edge for many years. Razor is a young fresh face with success beyond his years and appeal as an agent of change. Both would do a good job and they would naturally have my allegiance.

Those involved in NZ player and coach development need to stick together and work as a cohesive team to get the best possible result.If we don’t the Northern Hemisphere will get us in the end – they have significantly more players and money.

The All Blacks are regularly referred to as the most successful sports team in history because of their win ratio which is a fraction under 90% over the last 100 years. In the last 10 years their win ratio has been over 90% and during this time Ian Foster has held several coaching positions, including backs coach and assistant head coach. His appointment as Steve Hansen’s replacement is a sound and logical decision. He knows the ABs world well and those who shine at this level. I’m sure his back up team will be outstanding and risk free.  This is integral part of Foster’s Appointment.

If the ABs had performed at an average level I would have opted for a fresh start with Razor but that’s not the case.  Steve Hansen’s coaching team has done a good job continually pushing the parameters and seeking excellence.

The RWC Japan result suggests they may have introduced too many fresh, young players too soon and they were exposed in the semi-final against England.

In my opinion it’s a lesson for all. Young players possess the exceptional audacity all rugby teams require but they also make more mistakes as they learn to perform under immense pressure.

The mental side of the game should not be under-rated. The next two years will show us if Fossie has learnt from this experience.

Go the AB’s!