IRANZ Insight: There’s no ‘one way’ to Coach

One of the beautiful aspects of Rugby Coaching is that the strategies, tactics and patterns employed by the coach are seldom right or wrong.

Yes, a coach without the slightest clue, may choose to employ a gameplan or strategy that is highly unlikely to bring success.

However provided the coach has considered and believes the profile of their players is suitable for the gameplan he wishes to use; there is more than one way to create a winning strategy.

I recall at one of our previous High Performance Coaches Courses, Wayne Smith presented the defence pattern he used with the All Blacks for the previous Northern Tour.

Smithy explained simply, that coaching strategy and patterns are an evolving picture. Irrespective of how much you know, there is always another way.

IRANZ Staff Coach Wayne Smith
Former All Black Assistant Coach Wayne Smith has featured on multiple IRANZ Courses.

So, what does this mean for aspiring rugby coaches?

All coaches that want to grow and develop, need to be exposed to different ideas – and adopt a ‘growth mindset’ – so they continue to produce.

That’s why IRANZ Coaching Courses are designed to create a rugby coaching ‘think-tank’ and real time, workshop scenario.

The Southern Hemisphere club and provincial season is over and coaches that wish to be successful next year (…no doubt ALL of them…), should be planning their 2019 season campaign.

Keep an eye out for my blog next week, as we take a closer look at how you can make the 2019 rugby season your absolute best yet.

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