IRANZ Live Registration

Please find the registration form to make your application to IRANZ Live.

Start Date22nd March 2021 8:00 am NZST
End Date1st April 2021 11:00 am NZST
Price$1,997 NZD

Please note there is an application process before being accepted for IRANZ Live. This is to make sure all applicants are up to the standard of this course. To make this process as smooth as possible please ensure your referee is aware we will be contacting them and your coaching resume is filled out to the best of your ability.

  • Please note the Country on your application is where you will be residing for the IRANZ Live programme (22nd March– 1st April). Please ensure your referee is someone who is able to comment on your experience, ability and potential as a coach and that you have your country and area code filled in for your mobile number.