Making the transition early: IRANZ Graduate Reeve Satherley

Reeve Satherley attended the Advanced Players Course in December last year, and has quickly progressed into senior rugby ranks.

IRANZ Staff caught up recently with his mother Julz to hear how he’s been getting on.

Standing at 6-foot-3, Reeve Satherley was hard to miss when he walked through the doors at IRANZ in December last year.

Reeve was at IRANZ to attend the Advanced Players Course. A 7-day, “full-immersion” camp where 16-18 year-old players have the opportunity to acquire crucial skills, and knowledge required to successfully transition to senior rugby.

Described by Staff Coaches as a ‘quiet achiever’ on the course, Reeve got stuck into his work from the word go, becoming a valuable member and leader within the team by the end of the week.

Following an impressive performance on game day, Reeve sat down for a 1-on-1 meeting with his Position-Specific Coach.

Here they set goals for his future; and Reeve left the programme with a clear sense of self-awareness and the work he’d need to put in to achieve those very goals.

It was clear Reeve was capable of playing rugby to a high-level, but just how quickly could he climb the ranks?

Advanced Players Course 2018
Reeve Satherley (second from left) listens in to his Position-Specific Coach Nick Leger.

The start of the 2019 season arrived, and it was not long before IRANZ received an update from Reeve’s mother, Julz, on the progress of his season.

Julz was pleased to share that Reeve was leaving his mark in the senior competition, for the newly formed, Taupo Marist club.

An impressive feat for any player at an age of only 17 years.

Having indicated she felt that IRANZ had played a certain role in his successful season to date, we asked Julz what aspects of the Course were of particular value for Reeve.

Reeve claims a lineout for his King Country side, Taupo Marist.

Julz said that she’d noticed Reeve now had a clear focus on his goals.

“Little things he learnt has gone a long way. Reeve used to suffer from a sore lower back but from the little tips he received from the physio, there has been no problem since.”

Julz also pointed to new leadership skills, which had resulted in his school 1st XV Coach suggesting Reeve come back in to take the lineouts and share what he learnt from his time at IRANZ.

“You can’t put a price on what you learn at IRANZ… the professionalism and detail blew us all away!”

Reeve now has his sights firmly set on making the King Country U18’s again this season.

The team at IRANZ would like to congratulate Reeve on his achievements, and wish him the very best tackling the next goals on his list!

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