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Devolution – Visionary or Naïve?

In 2002 New Zealand Rugby instigated “Devolution;” a concept designed to empower New Zealand’s Provincial Unions (PUs) to develop their own talent. They scrapped their centralised in-house programme run out of the world’s-best, purpose-built rugby academy The Institute of Rugby (IOR) in Palmerston North.

It was a move away from central development. The question at the time – was this visionary or naïve? 

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Super Rugby Aotearoa – the next level of rugby

At long last NZ Rugby has the opportunity to showcase our game under our terms. 

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Performance and Longevity

IRANZ Position-Specific No. 8 Specialist Murray Mexted

Rugby players, coaches and businesses have one thing in common. They must review and change in order to survive.

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IRANZ Insight: It’s Back to the Future for NZ Rugby

As the smokescreen fades and the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter we get to ponder what the new order of rugby in New Zealand will look like. One thing is certain we will be forced to internalise competition as the return of global rugby will be in the more distant future.

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Halfbacks Can Be Big Fellas Too – Dave Ellis IRANZ’s Skills Coach

With rugby players worldwide at all levels confined to their homes thanks to COVID-19 lockdown, we need to take a look at things we can do to enhance our skills on our return to the game.

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