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Selection and Success are Synonymous

Becoming a successful coach is 80% selection. Eddie Jones emphasised this last week when he presented his module on selection at IRANZ Live. It’s not simply choosing the best players – it’s profiling these players, identifying the game plan and selecting the combinations capable of implementation.

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The Mitre 10 Cup renaissance

Beauden Barrett

Hooray and so say all of us! Super Rugby Aotearoa was a revelation.  The weekend of rugby was full of action, intent and excitement; a  New Zealand showcase, with Kiwi players, coaches and referees; and commercially viable in the global market place.

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Alex Loney shares his time on IRANZ Live


Alex Loney joined 14 other aspiring coaches from around the world to attend the first IRANZ Live programme held online. Over 9 days Alex the Head of Rugby at Lancaster Royal Grammar School in the UK had access to learn and engage with a wide range of truely world coaches, including the likes of Wayne Smith, Eddie Jones, Mike Cron and Colin Cooper. Below Alex shares his experience of IRANZ Live.

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The Keys to Success

Attitude and a solid foundation are the keys to success.

The two key requirements for an ambitious player to be successful are a good attitude and a solid foundation. Kurt Ekland is a great example of this.

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A Parochial and Global Perspective

IRANZ Position-Specific No. 8 Specialist Murray Mexted

It is difficult to be a globally-minded, parochial New Zealander.

Aotearoa Super Rugby is the best rugby competition in the world.  For New Zealand to remain a world rugby force we must retain this domestic competition. It’s the best thing for the growth of rugby in New Zealand and the global game. 

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