Performance and Longevity

Rugby players, coaches and businesses have one thing in common. They must review and change in order to survive.

To perform at the top for more than two or three years, players and coaches need to continually and objectively review their own performance and look for opportunities to grow. They must identify their weaknesses and focus on making them strengths. A classic example of a player in more recent times who has done this is Ma’a Nonu.  He worked endlessly on his ability to distribute. Pat Lam is a great example of a coach.  He was unceremoniously sacked from the Blues. I remember him presenting a module to our coaches’ group soon after and he listed on the white board all the mistakes he made which he will never repeat. We could all relate to his mistakes.  He has gone on to become a very successful coach in multiple environments.

It’s the same for IRANZ, a business I have committed myself to for the last 20 years. “It’s a hiding to nothing,” my friends said when I embarked on the mission of providing the best development programme in the world for players and coaches. “No one will pay thousands of dollars to lift their performance.”  Well, they were wrong, and our record is proof of that. Players and coaches alike will invest to access a world-class level of coaching they can’t get anywhere else.

Then along came Covid-19 and this crazy lockdown period which dragged on relentlessly despite the fact there is a 97% recovery rate.  It changed the playing field completely.

IRANZ runs development camps for ambitious players, various categories from 11-27 years of age and coaches at any level. Because of Covid, we were forced to cancel our busiest March/April window, and I doubt our clients from more than 30 different countries will be able to access our facility before the same time next year.

So, last Friday we launched “IRANZ Live” and I’m delighted to say we had a fantastic response. IRANZ Live is the IRANZ experience online, for coaches. The facilitators for our debut course are Wayne Smith, Colin Cooper and Brian Ashton, for the front row Mike Cron, halfbacks George Gregan and Andrew Mehrtens and Jeff Wilson for the back three. We can now reach a huge marketplace.  Coaches who would never make the trip down to the most isolated country in the world can now attend IRANZ from their own living room.

There are new challenges like timelines, language and the kinaesthetic effect but at the end of the day, like the players and coaches who adapt, we will be more resilient.

Aspire the next level.