Players’ Courses

IRANZ Player Courses are designed to provide an independent, high-performance pathway for any ambitious rugby player that wants to develop themselves and ultimately achieve higher honours.

Designed to emulate the environment of an All Blacks tour, our proven formula ensures players leave with the correct mental, physical, technical, tactical and position-specific knowledge to improve their game with immediate effect.

IRANZ player course options

Our selection of Player Course options include:

Each programme is designed to cover crucial technical, tactical, mental and physical skills required to reach your potential as a player. With a strong focus on position-specific tuition, skill development, mental toughness, rugby intelligence and self-management, our Courses are designed to provide improved performance both on and off the field.

IRANZ Player Courses are ‘full-immersion’, meaning participants stay together on-site for the duration of the Course in a rugby camp-style environment.

Player Course facilitators and Staff Coaches are chosen from the world’s current and former rugby elite, providing participants the opportunity to learn directly from some of the greatest rugby minds in the game today.

Former International Head Coach Brian Ashton shares his thoughts on IRANZ Player Courses.

Position-specific coaching

Each Course provides participants the opportunity to learn their position in-depth, 1:1 with a current or former international player or coach that specialises in that very position, offering an unparalleled opportunity for development.

Players learning from IRANZ expert Staff

Course and Position-Specific Assessments are provided to each participant, meaning they have a deep understanding of their strengths and work-ons. which forms a post-course development plan that lays the foundation for growth long after the course is complete.

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The calibre of coaches was clearly evident and their depth of knowledge really shone through. Callum 100% knows he has become a better player after the Course… he will be back to IRANZ as soon as is practical!


Conrad Murray, Parent (Auckland, NZ)

Conrad’s son Callum attended the Intermediate Players Course in 2018

As his Mum it’s been obvious in his overall attitude to training, his training ethics, his attitude to both sport and school life, his selection into CAS and NSW squads… I like to think that attending IRANZ is one of the reasons why these have happened. These Courses build character!


Fua Tauiliili-Pelesasa, Parent (NSW)

Fua’s son Miller attended the Advanced Players Course in 2017, and was selected for various representative sides the following year.