To be the best, you have to learn from the best

For ambitious rugby players today, access to genuine coaching has never been more important throughout secondary school years.

Yet, there are so many secondary school players with a strong desire to achieve at the highest level of rugby, currently going without the type of coaching that will steer them on that very path.

That’s why IRANZ exists – to give any ambitious rugby player access to some of the greatest rugby coaches in the world.

19 of our Player Graduates have pushed on to become All Blacks.

Pictured below are just a few of the All Blacks that attended IRANZ as young, ambitious rugby players.

While each of these players were involved in representative systems at the time, at IRANZ they were exposed to a whole new level of coaching.

Ardie Savea received Position-Specific coaching from former All Black flanker, Scott Robertson. TJ Perenara received 1-on-1 coaching from former All Black halfback, Dave Loveridge.

This type of coaching is unavailable, anywhere else in the world.

Our Player Course programmes for College players include the:

On all IRANZ Player Course programmes, participants have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with genuine experts of the game to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses as a player.

Each player completes their programme with a strong understanding of what makes them unique as a player, and a ‘road-map’ to achieve their goals in the game.

IRANZ Player Courses include:

  • 1:1 Position-Specific Analysis and Assessment
    Too many players these days aren’t receiving coaching specific to their role on the rugby field. IRANZ Player Courses change that by providing players the opportunity to work with a Former All Black or Professional Coach that is an expert in their very position. Through deep analysis of the player’s strengths and weaknesses on the field, each participant learns their best position, the skills, roles and responsibilities required of that position and where to focus their training to be the best player they can be, in that position.

  • 1:1 Mind Management and Mental Skills Appraisal
    Very few rugby players understand how much of an impact their mind has on their performance. IRANZ Player Courses include multiple sessions with a Sports Psychologist, so each participant knows exactly to manage their minds to ensure their mental game is in check every time they step on the rugby field.

  • Rugby Intelligence & Tactical Awareness
    Rugby players at the highest level need to understand how game plans, tactics and strategies are used and how it influences decision-making on the field. IRANZ Player Courses provide participants with a deep understanding of the common strategies, patterns etc. used in rugby today, and the implications they have for each position on the field.

  • Video and Self-review process
    Professional players are consistently required to analyse their own game and performance to continue their improvement as a player. Participants learn how to perform this process effectively so they can continue their improvement long after the Course is complete.

  • Rugby and Position-Specific Strength & Conditioning plan
    Most players do not know the physical strengths, or the attributes required to perform in their position on the field. On IRANZ Courses, each player benchmarks themselves against provincial and Super Rugby players, learning exactly where they need to focus their future S&C training to prime their bodies for their relative position and role on the field.

  • Rugby-specific Sports Nutrition
    When it comes to rugby and nutrition, there is no “one-size fits all” approach. Participants learn exactly how they need to fuel themselves to reach their fitness goals, and how to manage gameday nutrition to maximise performance.

… and more!

If you have a desire to achieve big things in Rugby, then you need IRANZ!

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