The IRANZ Combine

While many rugby players aspire to one day play as a professional, very few will achieve this feat.

A missed rep team selection, a talented player in your position or a coach that fails to help you grow is all it takes to remove your chances of ever making it as a professional rugby player.

But what if you could expose yourself to other representative & development systems, talent scouts and even agents? And receive an assessment from a former professional player or coaching professionals regarding your capacity to make it as a pro rugby player while you’re at it?

Introducing the IRANZ Combine.

The IRANZ Combine is a 3-day programme, designed to provide ambitious 18+ year-old rugby players an evaluation of their core rugby skills, physical attributes and positional ability – through close assessment from our expert Staff Coaches and Specialists.

IRANZ Combine 2019 Staff Coaches

The objective of the Course is to provide each player with an assessment of their current and future capacity to make it in the world of professional rugby, and ultimately steer them on the right path with their training in order to achieve that goal.

Each participant will have the chance to showcase their talent in front of our Specialists, while both video and written assessments delivered by our expert Staff Coaches will assess each participant’s ability and potential to succeed as a professional rugby player.

Course modules

The IRANZ Combine programme will include the following modules:

  • Full Physio Assessment
  • Mind Management & Mental Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Strength, Speed & Conditioning Assessment and Positional Benchmarking
    • Includes the YoYo Test, 40m Sprint, Agility Test, Core Strength and 1 Rep Max for Bench, Squat and Pull-Up
  • Rugby Intelligence
    • Game patterns and strategy
    • Tactical awareness
  • Self-review and improvement process
    • Video analysis & review
  • Game scenarios
  • Position-Specific Tuition and Assessment
    • Each player will receive a Positional Assessment from our Specialists; assessing each participant’s strengths and weaknesses as a player, and their most suitable position for a future in professional rugby
  • Comprehensive Individual Skill Assessments
    • Short, medium and long passing – left to right, and right to left
    • Tackle technique – footwork, wrapping and L/R shoulder

Each participant is allocated a Position-Specific Specialist that has played or coached at professional level, and will provide tuition on the Combine before assessing the player’s aptitude and skill level.

Course fees

Course fees include:

  • 1 x Combine Assessment
    • A written appraisal which includes a Physio Assessment, Core Rugby Skill ratings, and insight into the participant’s technical ability & decision-making
  • 1 x Position-Specific Assessment
    • Further analysis regarding the participant’s positional future in the game, identifying player strengths and key work-ons for optimal improvement
  • 1 x Strength, Speed, Endurance and Agility Assessment
    • Benchmarked against professional players in the relative position
    • Provided a base Strength and Conditioning plan to achieve required benchmarks
  • Video Highlights Package
    • Based on performance at the Combine
  • All training and tuition
  • An IRANZ Training Shirt
  • All food for the duration of the programme (fully catered)
  • Accommodation for the full duration of the programme (2 nights) – staying on-site at the Massey Sport & Rugby Institute
  • Travel Transfers (from Palmerston North Airport, Bus Stop, local accommodation or i-Site)

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  • The Course was 1000% more helpful than I could imagine. The 1-on-1 meetings, the Strength and Speed testing and the mental skills… honestly the biggest eye opener and career changer I have experienced. I wouldn’t be where I am in life and my rugby career without going to IRANZ.


    Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz, Player Graduate (QLD, Aus)

    Attended the Emerging Players and then the High Performance Course in 2019

    IRANZ was an amazing experience… it taught me a range of skills to improve my game. I have taken away value that will not only transfer onto the rugby field but into day to day life. I highly recommend it!


    James Ferrier, Player Graduate (Auckland, NZ)

    James attended the Emerging and then High Performance Players Course in 2017

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