USA Eagle Graduates of IRANZ

Since IRANZ was established in 2001, 16 of our Player and Coach Graduates from the USA have pushed on to become USA Eagles.

IRANZ Graduates Cameron Dolan (right) and Scott LaValla (middle) sing The Star Spangled Banner together before a test match.

Each of the following players travelled to New Zealand to attend one of our development Courses at the Sport & Rugby Institute in Palmerston North, and now represent some of the biggest names in USA Rugby.

  • Todd Clever
  • Andrew Ryland
  • Lewis Stanfill
  • Tyson Meek
  • Inaki Basauri
  • Mike Petri
  • Nic Johnson
  • Shawn Pittman
  • Kevin Swiryn
  • Taylor Mokati
  • Scott LaValla
  • Toshi Palamo
  • James King
  • Cameron Dolan
  • Alan “AJ” MacGinty

On top of the above players, Whangarei-born Bill LeClerc also attended IRANZ in 2002 – shortly after his International playing career days had ended with the USA Eagles in 1999.

He then had a stint with the side as scrum coach.

These names contribute to a list of almost 100 Graduates to push on to attain International status in rugby after their Course(s) at IRANZ.

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